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Sync your bank to Airtable.

Do-it-yourself financial planning with Airtable. Sync realtime bank balances and transactions to your spreadsheet database. #nocode

Search to see if your bank is supported among 15,000+ institutions in 30+ countries.

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$3 billion+


Financial automation made simple .

Airtable enables anyone to automate their personal or business finances.

Tracking financial donations to Ukraine in Airtable

Connect all your banks.

Automatically sync bank transactions and balances from all your banks and credit cards to one place.

Realtime bank data

Get your latest bank balances and transactions daily, hourly or even up-to-the-minute depending on the type of connection.

Global bank coverage

Integrates with 15,000+ banks and credit cards in 30+ countries.

Secure pipeline

Fully encrypted (TLS) data pipeline. Registered and approved with MasterCard (Finicity) in the US and GoCardless (Nordigen) in Europe.

Do more with your data.

Classify. Archive. Search. Notify. Approve. Whatever you need to with your transactions, Fintable makes #nocode financial automations simple.


Build financial data workflows without hiring developers.


Filter, notify, classify, search or build approval workflows for transactions with nocode tools like Zapier.
transaction status automation

Integrates with 15,000+ banks in 30+ countries.

We partner with some of the world's largest fintech companies, APIs and bank data aggregators to offer unparalleled global bank coverage.