Made in Ukraine.

Made in Ukraine.

Pictured: Fintable's first office at Unit City Kharkiv.

As some of you may know, Fintable was born and developed in Ukraine. I distinctly remember the moment I had the idea, sitting in a small dorm room in Kyiv in 2020, trying to manage my personal finances in multiple currencies. I thought, what if I just do it all in Airtable?

Although I only started writing the code for Fintable last year, the idea was developed entirely in Ukraine. The website design and UI components were done by a Ukrainian freelance designer. 100% of the code was written by me while working out of a coworking space in Kharkiv.

And so I was in Kharkiv when the first missiles struck on February 24th. Woke up to explosions at 5 AM. Went out and bought emergency provisions at 11 AM. And I stayed in our basement bomb shelter with 13 other people, my neighbours, for 13 days until the airstrikes became too intense. On the 12th day multiple buildings were completely destroyed within a 1 kilometre radius of our home, and so we decided to evacuate.

And so on the 9th of March I managed to get a ride to the train station in Kharkiv (with the help of Ukrainian police). From there it took 48 hours to get to the Romanian border and I crossed on foot into Romania. I'm in a safe place now, making my way back to my parents home in Toronto, Canada.

But many of my neighbours and friends are still in Ukraine, with their families, mainly because the men are not allowed to leave the country. Instead of separating from their husbands/fathers/brothers, many families have chosen to find temporary housing in small towns and villages that are relatively safe.

June 2022 Update: This donation appeal is now over, and help has been distributed. Thank you to all those who contributed. And yes, we do plan to return to Ukraine and start rebuilding as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Fintable is now based in Toronto, Canada, where we just hired our first Canadian staff. Your data and infrastructure is safely and securely managed in the EU.

Thank you all for your support.

Other Ukrainian software companies

Some of our favorite apps, suppliers and partners are Ukrainian software companies. Here is a list of Ukrainian software you may have heard of or used:

  • Grammarly
  • SetApp
  • Readdle (Documents for iOS, Spark Mail, PDF Expert)
  • MacPaw
  • Awesomic
  • ReFace
  • GitLab (founded in Kharkiv)
  • Ahrefs (#1 SEO tool in the world)

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we continue to stand with Ukraine.

Isa Hasenko
Founder at Fintable